Муниса Ризаева

Вдохновляющая певица

Ташкент, Хумо Арена | 10.01.2024


Munisa Rizaeva is one of the most popular and talented Uzbek pop artists. One of the few domestic artists performing live, she is known and loved not only in Uzbekistan, but also beyond its borders. Also Munisa Rizaeva is the winner of many awards



2014 – “Best pop singer of the year” as well as the state award “Etirof”

2021 – Award in the category for the title of the most trendy star of Uzbekistan

2021 – Awarded the Shukhrat medal


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Tours / Concerts

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Tashkent, Humo Arena


Ташкент, Хумо Арена


Ташкент, Хумо Арена


Yangi yil ertagi


Qalbim navosi

Munisa Rizaeva & Konsta - Oylamading
Munisa Rizaeva & Rashd Kholikov - Bom Bom
Munisa Rizaeva - Hollywood
Munisa Rizaeva & Botir Qodirov - Dema Dema
Munisa Rizaeva - Sakramento
Munisa Rizaeva & Yamin Bend - Armon
Munisa Rizaeva - Sekin asta
Munisa Rizaeva - Jonginam

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